MedPat XL2050 Phone

Part Number: XL2050

MedPat XL2050 Phone

Product features

  • Patented Volume Plus Button designed with features for the hearing impaired aiding 70% of elderly patients with high-frequency hearing loss (the Boost Button increases volume range to 27.5db)
  • 'Supersound' Chassis
  • Patented E-Z G-L-I-D-E Sound Intensifier (maximum amplification as allowed by law)
  • Water Resistant Earpiece
  • FCC / ETL / UL / CE approved

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Ghekko Networks is a leading supplier of hospital phones. We have in stock a large selection of devices specially designed for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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You can also take a look at our full range of MedPat products.

Please take a look at MedPat XL2050 Phone Brochure.

Phone Type
- Hospital phones
Delivery options
- Worldwide shipping
- 1 year
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